Out grown your First Home?

05/18/2011 18:15

Out grown your First Home?


Ready to take the next step and buy another property but unsure how and if you can afford it?


Our seminar is designed to open your eyes to the possibilities of keeping both properties in a tax effective manner!!


It may be possible to have your cake and eat it too!


Question: So why is that at parties and BBQ’s you hear that your friend has been able to upgrade their first place and still keep their original property?


The Answer: Expert Advice


With uncertainty in property, interest rates back to their old tricks and lack of supply – this makes it more important than ever to involve a professional to step you through it.


‘Upgrade easily’ is a practical, 1 hour seminar, to help you take the next step into the property market.


Brought to you by Bongiorno Financial Advisers, it is designed to help young guns create, maintain and enjoy wealth from your first purchase on - as well as an atmosphere to ask questions you maybe nervous to ask others.


Learn from people in the know


Our speakers come from a range of different backgrounds, providing guidance and insight on the two key areas of property investment.


* Wealth Creation - Julie Bongiorno, Bongiorno Financial Advisers


Julie is a finance and risk management specialist with extensive tax & accounting knowledge.


A leader in the industry, Julie will assist structure your home loan to create long term wealth.


* Home Loans - Jeff Alford, Westpac Bank


Jeff has worked for some of Australia’s leading financial institutions and brings with him inimitable knowledge of the industry.


Jeff will help you understand the basics of financing, including fixed versus variable rates and interest only versus Principal and interest.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity


If you’d like to increase your wealth and step closer to retiring tomorrow, book your seat at the seminar today. Call Julie on (03) 9863 3306 or reply to the email.


Where:           Level 2, 431 St Kilda Road

                        When:           Wednesday 18th May

                        Time:             6pm for 6.15pm start

Parking:          Conveniently located on our premises


RSVP essential with answers to the following so we know what stage you are at;


1)      On a scale of 1 – 3 (1 – No idea, 2 a little bit of knowledge, 3 I think I get the gist) how do you feel about debt?


2)      Have you spoken to anyone about your finances – i.e. a bank manager, financial planner or accountant?


3)      Have you got pre-approval with a bank?


4)      Have you been to any Opens or Auctions?


Friends and family welcome.